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Sustainable Fashion Youtubers You Should Be Watching

The Youtuber scene is evolving as the sarcastic creator phase is ending. New creators are providing useful information about sustainable living by relating to their audience and being, well, human. These 3 ladies have tips, tricks, and helpful advice when it comes to fashion waste, finding the best products at thrift shops, low waste kitchen hacks, and much more.

Jhánneu is a newer to the Youtube scene, but don't let her small following fool you. Jhánneu has been sharing her tips and tricks on how you can adopt a low waste lifestyle on Youtube for the past year, but has grown her social media platforms over the past 4 years. She started as an actress and has since shifted and grown her platform surrounding a low/zero waste lifestyle, which includes researching POC-owned farms and food gardens, sustainable athletic wear, and low waste makeup brands. Jhánneu's following is growing and it's only a matter of time until she becomes one of the top Sustainable Fashion Youtubers.

Ashley Rous aka Bestdressed is a rising Youtube content creator that's spent the past 5 years producing film and fashion content. Bestdressed started her channel while she was in film school, where she split her channel between film content and fashion and has since grown her channel using her film experience to create amazing, quality videos and combining it with her unique fashion sense. She gives tips on how to thrift like a pro, closet organization, and how to properly sell, donate, alter, and throw away clothes that you no longer use, and even gives us a glimpse into her personal life (you can watch her experience of New York Fashion Week here). From designing trendy outfits using thrifted clothing to apartment makeovers, Bestdressed is someone you'll want to keep an eye out for.

Lastly, we have Cynthia Dam aka Inspiroue who is an OG, having officially started her channel in 2014. From the start, her channel was centered around sustainable fashion consumption, where she shared her struggles with finding her own style because of how much clothing she had. Getting rid of the clothing she didn't need led her to be more comfortable with her identity, which has led to her continued fight against fast fashion and has also helped her channel expand to vlogging, life updates, her skincare routine and of course, educating her subscribers about fast fashion, ethical, and sustainable clothing. If you want to learn about sustainability literacy, Inspiroue is your gal.

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