She Used the Strength of Fitness to Become a COVID - 19 Survivor

COVID-19 changing the entire world is probably an understatement at this moment. What's worst is that it's affected our hard-working women! Stories like Tamika Harden truly touched our team. We knew that women like her - mothers, wives, entrepreneurs - are fighting every day through the same obstacles. No one imagined what would happen next. Tamika life stopped when she was diagnosed with Coronavirus, after being denied twice. As the epidemic worsens we all are aware of the lack of testing and negligence of many health care facilities. Here's how she took matters into her own hands!

Check out Tamika Harden's story:

(Ladies in the Industry) How did you get your start as a trainer?

(Tamika Harden) From early childhood to adolescence, I was overweight. At the age of 16, I made the decision to join a health club. I was unhappy being overweight, so I took it upon myself to change it. Shortly after joining the gym, I lost 40lbs and never looked back. I fell in love with fitness; I fell in love with the power to change my future. At the age of 19, this same health club hired me to manage and operate the facility. This is where my fitness career started,18 years ago.

(LITI) What made you want to assure your initiative was for fitness towards women's health?

(TH) From my childhood into my young adulthood, I suffered from low self-esteem. I want young girls and women to know that we must love ourselves while embracing who we are. Choose to show love to our bodies through proper self-care. Through self-care, we have the ability to work on ourselves, work on improving the way we see ourselves. Because of my past struggles, I can relate to several issues experienced by women. I want to use my experience to help other women the way I helped myself.

(LITI) Where were you and what came directly to your mind when you were diagnosed with COVID-19?

(TH) Immediately, all I did and could do was pray. When I received my test results, I had already been sick for some time, however, I was grateful I didn’t need to be hospitalized. My body was giving COVID-19 an aggressive fight and I won. I am grateful that COVID-19 didn’t take my life like it took many others.

(LITI) What have you put in place since COVID hit your family?

(TH) My two sons and I practice proper safety precautions since being infected by the virus. This consists of social distancing from family and friends, wearing masks while out, and living a healthy lifestyle to boost immunity. As I began to gain my physical strength back, I immediately began to help educate clients virtually. The goal is to inform people of the seriousness of the virus and ways to stay safe and healthy during this time. If I could help people properly nourish their bodies and encourage exercise during this time, then my heart is eased knowing I did my part to keep people healthy.

(LITI) What's your mission to assure that no one else is affected by COVID-


(TH) Precautionary measures and immune-boosting is the best defense we have against COVID-19 and other viruses like it. I want to help more people lead a healthy lifestyle, most importantly the population disproportionately affected by COVID-19, the African-American community.

(LITI) What tips can you give individuals that are turned away that have COVID


(TH) Don’t take “no” for an answer. Your life and health is depending

on it!

(LITI) How do music and media play a part in your profession? 

(TH) Music and media influences the trends, fashion, and desired body types that are appealing to women. These desires influence how people want to live and often how they want to look. This can bring both positives and negatives to the way people see themselves and the fitness goals they want to achieve.

(LITI) What can we expect from the Tamika Harden brand in 2021?

(TH) My goal is to continue to build a strong virtual platform. COVID-19 forced me to close the doors of my business. As a result, I’ve gained a new fitness community virtually. The love and support I’ve received virtually have strengthened my desire to continue to help more people around the world. I will continue to use my influence to help people everywhere embrace a healthier lifestyle.

To find out more information on Tamika Harden follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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