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Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Most of the time I get locked into a certain music artist, and I run their album dry. But lately, playlists have been my THING. I want to turn a playlist on and let it run! I’ll get in the shower, or get some work done. It’ll hit every single personality I have, within my mood of course. It inspired me to create a classic list of top female rappers that I’m currently vibing too.

Maliibu Miitch:

Every time I see her I just get so excited. IN MY BAG! She seems the funnest person to be around. Maliibu is from the Bronx, with a profound voice, and a tiny body. She’s quick with the punchline, and flows perfectly. Sophisticated on the record. She’s going to be around for a long time. I hope that her hustle is HARD, because the world truly needs an artist like her.

My favorite track by her: “Give Her Some Money

It’s such a fun track! When I first fell in love with her voice and her style. I said, she not over-doing it, however still letting you know she’s one to watch! Hey Maliiiiiiii.

My Favorite Interview she’s done so far: Angela Ye Lip Service


LISTEN, nobody can tell me ANYTHING about Meliii. Certainly, a star in the making. Wait until she gets into movies and TV, this woman is going to be unstoppable. She’s J.Lo x3! I’m so proud to see her growth, and vulnerability. She’s a true artist, and seems like a genuine person. I remember watching an interview with her on Hot97 with EBro in the Morning, and she spoke about her relationship with her management. I love how she spoke out about not selling herself out for a deal with Meek Mill. But overall, her ALBUM...unspeakable, timeless. It’s only maybe 1 or 2 songs I can probably skip over, but it’s a great groove.

My favorite track from Meliii, (this was hard)“Icey

My Favorite Interview from Melii: Hot97 with EBro

Young M.A.:

Young M.A. like one of my doom friends that I have a lowkey crush on, but I never go all the way, because I’m scared to bring her home to my mother. So I just chill, and go to the studio with her. Haha! Her music is FIRE, she can get into your soul without even realizing it. I think it’s true artistry how Young M.A. spits on tracks. Whatever she’s rapping, you can picture it in your mind. A classical New York rapper. You probably at one moment in your life, had one of the thoughts that she’s stated on a record.

My favorite track from Young M.A.: “Stubborn Ass

My Favorite Interview from Young M.A.:”The Therapist: Young M.A” She opened up so much in this interview. I saw a different side of her. WOW!

Megan Thee Stallion:

Now, I know this everybody "bish" right now, but I’m really feeling her. She catches my attention, I can’t lie. Without even seeing her face, her voice captured me. I was eager to watch her music videos after my best friend/business partner played her in the car on our way to Atlanta. We vowed then and there we would make a gas station video, needless to say, we didn’t do the video. She’s from Texas! What I admire the most about her is that, this woman just lost her mother. However, she is pushing on, and really working her butt off. With no complaints. I pray for what’s going on with her behind closed doors, when she’s in her room alone, or by herself. Losing a mother, can be very tough. She’s a true, STAR!

My favorite track by Megan Thee Stallion: “Simon Says ft Juicy J

My favorite interview with Megan Thee Stallion- Adorable! Her laugh is terrible, but I feel like I would never tell her that in person because she’ll probably step on me.


Last but certainly not least, because this woman is hands down one of my favorite artists lyrically and musically! Writer, producer, actress, and she’s in a relationship! Ugh, she’s my best friend in my head. Dreezy from Chicago, so I expected greatness. One of my favorite rappers is Kanye, don’t try to argue with me. Dreezy considerably one of the greatest female rappers of all times. She’s a left-eye mixed with Queen Latifah. Her last album, she had to put out for you mainstreamers, but this woman can rap about anything. Any all different types of ways. She can tell a story, she can make you twerk, she can rap about love, she can rap about guns, she can rap about violence, she can rap about your mama! This girl metaphors are OFF THE WALL! Nobody can see her, nobody I TELL YA, NOBODY!!!!! I have every album from 2014 from this woman, till now. So picking the song was hard.

This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my whole life! My favorite track from Dreezy: “Where Them $@” AND “Close to You ft T-Pain

My favorite interview with Dreezy: Not a fan of how everyone is blasting her relationship, because she’s so much more than that! But think his interview is pretty good.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the artists, songs I choose and the interviews!

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