BlogHerBiz 2019 Snatched My Content Soul

What an experience! Seriously an event that will stand out for us, for the rest of the year. This event made me want to get our SEO all the way together, read TONSSS of books about angel investing, take a few workshops on venture deals, submit myself for a pitch competition or 2, recreate my entire content calendar and so much more! I can’t wait to dive into some of my favorite panelists, panels, experiences and moments. Let’s Go!!!

Full transparent moment, no panel stood out more to me than “The Future is Female Founded”. It blew my mind away! I mean, I’m talking about real million-dollar businesses owned by all women! A panel of 5 women! Keep in mind these are women with all types of businesses. Not just music and/or media. Many of them had products, some systems, and some media outlets.

Speakers: Christina Stembel, Maggie Q, Sashee Chandran, AmyAnn Cadwell

Moderator: Nicole Lapin


  • Most women started their businesses with 100k. YOU DON’T HAVE TOO!

  • Most of the women are investors and are preparing their businesses to become investors for women-owned businesses. We have to give back once we get to the top

  • Angel Investing - when to begin looking for angel investors and the process of looking for one. Understanding to be patient while you are on your pitching journey. Most of the women on the panel pitched to over 80 to 100 investors. Some quit, some are still in the process and some are finished and have begun the next stages of their business.

  • Where to find investors: LinkedIn , Mutual Friends , Pitch Competitions , Fellow Angel Investors

  • Women have a 2% chance of raising capital

  • The awesome Christina Stembel sent 40 pitches out along with her flowers. I would say she was blessed to have a business where the products are always seen as enlightening. However, it made me think about how you should always send your products, and if you don’t have products, show your service in some way when requesting a pitching meeting.

  • Successful doesn’t equal funding. Meaning, just because they are investors, that doesn’t mean they know what’s best for your business or the industry. And don’t get discouraged when an investor says what you have may not work. Many investors are going along with what’s already “in”. The ones that take a chance on something different, are the ones that have a real true, personal, connection to your brand.

  • Read a ton of books about raising money!!!! I provided a link that can help you with some good books. Check it out here.

Now, my favorite panelist. I had to count this twice! The “Spotlight Talk” shock the ground of inspiration. Showed me I’m nowhere near the amount of no’s that I need to hear in order to BEGIN the success I want! I’m eager to rejuvenate my spirit with their words of wisdom.

Spotlight Talk : Kwanza Jones

Discussion : Tika Sumpter & Karin Gist

Karin Gist (left) & Tika Sumpter (Right) Backstage at BlogHer Conference. Photo Credit: Blogher Facebook Page


  • Tika and Karin are just BLACK GIRL MAGIC in every form! (I consider that a huge takeaway)

  • When you feel like you are at your last no, keep pushing. Roll your sleeves up and fight harder. Most of the blessings are in the trenches, don’t shy away. Fight harder, you’ll be okay, and you’ll come out alive!

  • People will say no to investing in your film. Agents, investors, managers, however, you have to believe without a doubt in your heart that you can do this on your own. DON’T STOP! Keep believing and working on it. Put the work in!

  • Don’t be afraid to let go! When you let go, and have faith, you’re rewarded with some of the biggest blessings that you’ve ever seen! Tika talked about walking away from “One Life to Live”. This was the job that was paying her rent, and inevitably supporting her career! She didn't know if things would turn around her for. But she got the call from Gossip Girl, The Game, and of course, Sparkle! She took the leap. She risked it all for more, and received just that blessing.

My favorite moment:

After the awesome panels, the night ended in drinks outside sponsored by; 14 Hands & Hangar1. The drinks were everything that I needed after such a long day. I joined a table with women that shared the same entrepreneurial passion as I do. We got to chit chat about our experiences, what we liked and what we didn’t like. The conversation turned into something so much grander. We began telling each other how to help one another brand. We began giving one another tips, advice, and resources on how to help. It seemed just as, if not more, effective than the actual panels. This was a treat; and true blessing - disguised as vodka and red wine!

What I learned from the event:

All in all - a great time with awesome women! I would say this is an event for someone that is well into their blogging careers. Not many tools to take away if you are just getting into the influencer/blogging world. Much of the language and professionals there were advanced within their fields. You should come to this event fully prepared with business cards/digital cards, ideas on ways to collab (ie. what are the things you need in order to succeed), and full understanding of your brand and what you have to offer. The ladies are so easy to talk with, and everyone is open to networking. Even if you think you're an introvert here, you're going to break out of that. This room is full of women that are ready to put the work behind the learning. Make sure you follow-up!

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