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Hot Topics: Top 5 Female Rappers To Look Out For!

In 2021, female rappers are becoming more well-known and appreciated, as their talent is being recognized and the genre is becoming more inclusive. In the past, there were only a few women who were truly recognized as rappers, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, but now there are new rappers releasing quality music every month! For example, Megan Thee Stallion had a record-breaking 2020, breaking records on the Billboard charts and creating music legend Beyonce, and even won "Best New Artist" at the GRAMMYs last March. She is a prime indication of where the direction of rap is heading ---- towards females!

Here are 5 other Female Rappers who are killing the game right now, and you need to look out for them!

1. Doja Cat

Although Doja is recognized in a lot of R&B categories for award shows, there is no doubt that she can rap, as a majority of her best hits consist of that. After multiple Doja songs went viral on TikTok, she felt she had something to prove --- that she can rap and put on a show. She is one of the most versatile performers in this age of music artists and anyone can see this through the different variations of "Say So" that she performed at various events.

2. Saweetie

Also known as "Icy Girl," Saweetie has made a name for herself this past year with hits "My Type" and "Tap In," while also collaborating with Doja Cat on "Best Friend." She is super talented and always aims to make music that you play when getting ready for a night out with your girlfriends (cue "My Girlfriends are My Boyfriend" by Demi Lovato ft. Saweetie). She always knows how to make girls feel confident and empowered! Excited for her to get more recognition and appraise this year.

3. BIA

BIA first gained a lot of recognition when she was featured on Russ' song, "Best on Earth." She is known for the unique tone in her voice which can be recognized anywhere! BIA recently split from her previous record label, but is doing fine! She recently released 4 single, which also appeared on her newest EP. "Skate," is slowly gaining popularity, and she is continuing to tease more upcoming projects. BIA praises herself for always staying true to who she is and encourages her fans to do the same!

Erica Banks

This Texas rapper is already taking 2021 by a storm, singing to Warner Records after her single "Buss It" went viral on TikTok. Her talent and skill set has been recognized by huge rap legends, such as Nicki Minaj herself. There is not a doubt she is going to be huge, and after releasing her self-titled mixtape last June, the public is anticipated what can be next for the star.

Flo Milli

With her debut mixtape causing everyone's attention to be on her, it is no surprise how quickly Flo Milli is rising to fame. Sometimes going by the "Black Barbie," Flo made her way up the charts and was even nominated for some awards! One of her most popular songs, "Beef Flomix" did well on both TikTok and the general public, leaving positive, lasting impressions. She will definitely be making even more noise this upcoming year!

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