Gospel Heals the Soul: Keyondra Lockett's Upcoming Projects & All Things Female Empowerment

From toy doll brand deals to billboard charts and non-profit efforts, Keyondra Lockett is making a name for herself. Not only is she a Billboard Top 15 artist, her latest single “Trouble Don’t Last” is right up there taking the #16 slot, with the visuals scheduled to drop within the next month. This track, along with many

of her previous projects, speaks to the importance of Gospel music to heal the soul. I cannot think of a better time for this sense of healing, especially right now. We are all currently living through a pandemic and there has been an uproar of several necessary social injustice movements. However, amongst all of the darkness, there has been light. The uplift seen in and of Black voices has been groundbreaking, further emphasizing the notion that representation and inclusivity matters.

Would you believe me if I said there was more? Keyondra also has another project set to drop in the coming month entitled, Cornerstone. With this EP, Keyondra uses her platform to help young women like herself feel empowered. This is a common theme portrayed within every facet of her brand.  Whether it be through her music, her work with several non-profits or her fabulous apparel line “fit for the everyday black queen”, Jolie Noire. All in all, she loves to encourage and uplift others through God’s grace. 

With over 900,000 streams and 37,000 followers, her music continues to impact audiences worldwide. Her soulful lyrics, along with her multifaceted brand, continue to spread the message of Christ, courage and growth, which she holds very close to her heart.

To keep up with Keyondra follow her at @keyondralockett on all social platforms and be on the lookout for her newest EP debuting in 2020 on all streaming platforms.

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