A Sit-Down w/ the Execs: Brittney King Brock

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

When we think of women as executives in the record label, traditionally they're single, kidless, and one step away from a mental breakdown. Meeting Brittney was the exact opposite. Meet an executive who's a mother, wife, and perfectly aligned within herself. She's the epitome of everything that I inspire to be! Our interview snatched my entire wig back. (Although I don't wear wigs.)

Brittney is the President of Operations at 10k Projects, an independent Los Angeles-based record label. Mrs. Brock oversees all label operations, including leading and growing the company’s staff, implementing best practices, and managing relationships with artists’ teams and distribution partners. Founded in 2016 by the son of Universal Music Group chief Lucian Grainge, the label’s roster includes Trippie Redd, Lil Gnar, Icy Narco, and others.

Get your wine, get your jewelry bag, put your feet up, because she's about to drop some gems!

Due to COVID-19 this was filmed via zoom and the sound recording was taken for listening.

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Top Photo and Recording Cover: Charlie Gross

Right Photo: Kaye McCoy

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