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"50 Keys To Success In The Music Business" is in the Top 100 Books on Amazon

Picture taken from @magicamaj on Instagram

Margaret Lee and Margaritë Camaj, entertainment lawyers for The Camaj & Lee Firm LLC, released their book 50 Keys To Success In The Music Business: From Two Entertainment Attorneys on May 31, 2021. Their book is currently and has been # 1 in Entertainment Law AND Music Business for almost 3 weeks and their book is on a Billboard in Times Square. It's even in the top 100 books on amazon. The best part? They did it without a deal.

Lee writes, "We wrote 50 Q & A’s to help artists understand the 'business' behind the music. Although the music is essential, it’s also important that artists grasp a firm understanding of how the industry operates inside and out." Margaritë writes, "A focus on the music should always come first. Just make sure you have a solid grasp of the business behind the music."

Their law firm, Camaj & Lee Firm LLC, was also featured on a Billboard in Times Square right before the release of their book. It's clear that these ladies are on the road to success and they're not letting anything get in their way.

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