Jamila Woods: Her LEGACY! LEGACY!

Exemplifying why Its never too late to pay homage to the greats.

Woods highlights her influencers on new sophomore album, LEGACY! LEGACY!

To know where you’re headed, it is important to remember where you’ve come from. Singer/songwriter, Jamila Woods embodies what it means to show appreciation for creatives that have paved the way for many of us today.

In an intimate listening session at Sonos Store, NYC, the twenty-nine year old Chicago native discussed her recently debuted album, LEGACY! LEGACY! (released May 10th). Jamila spent the evening being quite candid about the birth of her project. Chatting with award winning music-journalist, Marcus J. Moore, Woods provided fans with a thorough understanding of how her sophomore album came into fruition. Paying homage to the beauty of afro culture, the songstress highlighted the importance of creatives bringing artistic lineage into the rooms in which they enter.

As a singer, poet, and educator, Woods used her multifaceted abilities to overcome the challenges of creating such a thought-provoking project. In honor of LEGACY! LEGACY!, when asked what she would like her legacy to be, Woods replied, “an invitation to owning your influences and lineage.”

“If Eartha said what she felt, I can say what I feel”, said Woods. Her desire to remain true to her vision was noted as she discussed the importance of maintaining authenticity, there are, “so many doors into a person”, she stated. Through the studying of amazing artists in their own right, she is able to set goals of what she seeks in her own artistry

Working alongside producer and fellow Chicago Native, Slot-A; who indeed is no stranger to setting the vibrant tone of the Chi-Town nightlife. Woods discussed introducing those she collaborated with, to the influencers of her music and their body’s of work. A few of the many who influenced her very own sound and style include, Zora Neale Hurston, Sonia Sanchez and Frida Kahlo; providing her team with intuitive insight of the vision behind LEGACY! LEGACY!

With album’s songs entitled, “EARTHA”, ”BALDWIN”, “GIOVANNI” and ”BASQUIAT”, it is no surprise that Woods believes it is important to re-educate and further educate oneself on black culture and slavery; as it is minimally discussed in our high school textbooks.

LEGACY! LEGACY! will provide avid listeners and new fans with inspiration to further explore the lives of those who have assisted in Woods’ paths pavement.

Jamila Woods // Marcus J. Moore

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