Broccolicon Conference: A Gem or Two for Lady Bosses

My experience during Broccoli City Conference was probably the most refreshing conference I’ve been to in a while. It was like a reunion for all female black hustlers! I attended the #BlackTwitter: Social Media’s Impact on Communities, Culture and Content panel. First of all, I am totally in love with Sylvia Obell (Entertainment Journalist). I absolutely love her! She gives me black girl magic all day.

Lastly, the panel that stuck out the most was: Magical C-Suite: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms. I’m absolutely in love with Jeanine Liburb ( Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for BET Networks). She's been such an inspiration to me. She's just unapologetically her! I learned so much about life balance and smart hustling! This panel was full of real woman within the industry that are killing it! Also including; Nadia Rawlinson (Nadia Rawlinson Chief Human Resources Officer, Live Nation Entertainment Inc), Bozoma Saint John (Chief marketing officer (CMO) at William Morris Endeavor and previously, served as chief brand officer (CBO) at Uber). Bozoma is SUCH a BOSS! Her vibe is undeniable! Not to mention, Heather Lowery as the moderator, who is such a hustler at Live Nation. The gems on that panel, whew chillay!

Jeanine stated, “If someone is going to hire you or promote you, just know you are a reflection of them. People underestimate their peers and the people they manage!” She spoke about showing up and understanding that you have to be just as great as your peers, and understand that your team is just as valuable as you are. That really stuck to me. Running an organization, I'm constantly on my team about being the best that they can be. I want the people that I hire to be better then me, and I'm a TRUE hustler! I feel team members that lack the enthusiasms that the leaders have, will automatically make the team fail. Even if everyone's hustle isn't the same, as long as the results are happening then the team will work perfectly.

(LEFT Jeanine Liburb and RIGHT Nia Rice Co-Founder and Editor of Ladies in the Industry)

I would like for you to do a quick check. Ask your peers or boss, how are you performing. Put your feelings ASIDE! Don't worry about how they say it, but listen to what they actually say. Take it in, with no response, sleep and pray over it. Evaluate it. A lot of you all are due for an audit on yourself (personally and professionally). Let's get to it ladies!

RIGHT Bozoma Saint John LEFT Heather Lowery: Magical C-Suite: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms

FAR RIGHT Sylvia Obell : #BlackTwitter Panel

Photo's taken from @BroccoliCity Instagram

Thanks Broccoli City Conference for such a great time!

Love Nia R.

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