Motherhood: The New Beginning

The Ladies In The Industry's 4th Annual LITI Conference allowed for a breathtaking experience for all women to enjoy.

The L.I.T.I Conference’s motherhood panel was no exception. No matter the differences from one mother to another such as age of child, parenting style or life paths, each mothers had an apparent commonality which was their love for their children. Every mother in the room attested to the fact that while no walk in the park, motherhood has, is and will always be one of their lives greatest joys.

The L.I.T.I. conference allowed for the amazing panelists to be quite candid and thoughtful during discussions. Describing their experiences as a catalyst for their growth providing a newfound sense of purpose, no matter the parenting status of the women in the audience, they were sure to leave with a notebook full of gems that can be applied to their lives.

While we wish that you we’re there and you may too, here’s an impactful stamp that each panelist left on the discussion:

Venita McCollum, author of Raising a Rapper and mother of platinum artist Lil Yachty highlighted the importance of parental support and the necessity of increasing that support as your children transition into adulthood.

Tish Taylor, mother of Showtime’s “The Chi” actor Jacob Latimore was candid about raising her son in the entertainment industry. Taylor highlighted that her key to raising a grounded and successful young man in the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry was allowing him to be active in the monumental decision early in his career, which included business meetings.

Aggie Burnett, mother of toddler Hudson who is approaching his tenacious two’s says, she believes that linking her priorities to her purpose was imperative for her to balance her new mommy-mogul lifestyle. Burnett's greatest purpose is empowering women financially and spiritually so that they’re able to have freedom of voice to make an impact.

Kayla Alexandria, the curator of Moments-N-Melanin & The Blossom Expo, highlights the importance of surrounding and uniting yourself with a community of women with similar thoughts and concerns that you may have in regards to the parenting and nurturing of your child, stating, “its important to be around people that you know love their children the way you do.”

If you missed the Ladies in The Industry's 4th Annual LITI Conference stay tune because theres so much more to come.

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