The first conference left amazing energy that was greatly appreciated by the founders, Serene MGMT, so much that they've decided to continue building a legacy of informative and powerful events all across the nations. Stay up to date with the LITI events to assure that you stay in a room full of powerful women!

LITI & Own Your I Am Team Up!

Ladies in the Industry Music & Media Organization has partnered with the Own Your I Am Organization in New York to present The Complexion of Music and Media.
A one-of-a-kind social music and media open panel experience. Speak with experts about their experience with colorism in the music and media industry, and share ideas with like-minded individuals in an effort to bring awareness and success to music and media professionals everywhere.

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, December 7th, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Studio 525NYC | 525 West 24TH Street

liti Atlanta conference

Our 4th conference is set to be bigger and better than ever! With you in mind, we are proud to bring you more POWERFUL panels from social epidemics that society is currently facing such as Mental Health and Politics to music and media.


Attend our break out session for getting those Finances in order, Industry investments and real financial elevation. Sit in on our singles panel and get much needed interactive gurl talk and advice from industry wives and spouses.


With a reputation of securing REAL conversations and attacking facts during events, this OCTOBER will definitely be the #LITI conference to attend!!! Let's get LITI! 



Staying true to our mission, LITI has created our first workshop for the series "Girl's Lunch". "Girls Lunch" is a workshop created by the founders of Ladies in the Industry in order to implement the tips and advice from previous panels.

Our first workshop is called "Self-Development for your Brand" our instructor Raro Lae will give you the key tools for taking control of your mind and your business


Curriculum: The Road to Success: Pt 1
1. Consistency 
2. Be selfish.. you’re being, Self-full!
3. Habits, Vices, & Mannerism
4. The Power of NO
5. Stop spreading yourself so thin!
6. Business: Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally 
Let's get this life sis!

LITI New York City Conference 

This conference the organization wanted to make aware of social issues that are currently happening in the industry. Two huge topics to tackle are the "Me Too" movement and accepting women for who we are. Therefore, the two panels have been named, "Me Too" and "In My Own Skin". The "Me Too" panel directing the conversation to how we can better protect ourselves within our professions.

liti washington dc conference

This conference includes three panels; our signature panel: "The Power Panel", which will focus on finances, "The Friendships Panel", which will discuss the art of developing and keeping great relationships in the industry, and last " The Dating Panel", where they discuss ways to carry ourselves as women in the industry while looking for love. Breakfast refreshments and lunch will be presented and unlimited drinks will also be provided.  10 vendors will surround the room to present their brands to the leading women of the music and media industry. 

liti NYc Mixer

Ladies in the Industry: Music and Media are coming to New York! Hundreds of women have experienced the #LITIMovement and they have left with solid relationships, a bunch of fun and many new business ventures! 

This mixer is to introduce LITI to the ladies in New York City! We are bringing some of the top women in media together to network, exchange stories and more! The LITI conference for New York will happen February 2018, get a little dose of what we have in store for you in February!