Creating Experiences for Women in the Music and Media Industry to Advance Mentally and Professionally

Ladies in the Music and Media Conference


March 2019 Conference l Atlanta, Georgia


Honoree Krystal Garner (ontheright) - Trap Museum Head General Manager was honored for being a Leading Lady in the Music and Media Industry.



The Ladies in the Industry Music & Media Conference is a lifestyle conference that brings women from different lifestyles together to discuss the adversities they face within the music and media industry and how it affects their personal lives, careers, rewards, and accomplishments.


Our mission has been to bring women together within the entertainment industry through common lifestyles such as mothers, singles, wives, LGBT community and more in order to create meaningful and sound relationships. These relationships create more opportunities for women to work together and creates job opportunities for the upcoming generation.

Most importantly, LITI allows creatives and business owners the opportunity to increase revenue by highlighting their successes, in a room of emotionally connected
women. With powerful panelists and audiences, creators can now “own their audience,” by tapping into their emotional needs.


3 years, 4 conferences, 15+ panels, 40+ panelists, and 4 states later LITI is becoming one of the biggest women entertainment conferences in the US.