Ladies in the Industry: Music and Media was created when founders, Serene MGMT, realized that there was a gap between the connection with women within the music and media industry. After further research, they realized that women are not expressing themselves enough. Their mission has been to bring women together to the entertainment industry through common lifestyles such as mothers, singles, wives, LGBT community and more in order to create meaningful and sound relationships. These relationships create more opportunities for women to work together and creates more job opportunities for the upcoming generation. We now have a place to express ourselves, within this male-dominated industry!


Creating New Successors

We bring leaders together in order to create new successors. The mission for the Ladies in the Industry: Music and Media organization is to raise the level of partnerships between women through common lifestyles; by pairing mentors and mentees together that share similar life experiences. LITI is also assisting the women that want to grow more by inducting qualified students into the "LITI Scholarship". Workshops, seminars, activities and more are conducted through the year from Washington DC, New York, Atlanta, North Carolina and more! 


LITI Brand Ambassadors are women leaders of the music and media industry that are designated one day a week for six months mentoring a young woman that shares the same personal experiences that she does. The ambassador creates tasks for mentees, has mentee shadow them and in the end at the LITI GALA award their special mentee with tips and tools to assist in their success!